A houserules compilation.

  • (Elf Variant) Valaes Tairn / Valenar Elf
    The warriors of the Valaes Tairn are rightly famed for having the best cavalry in all of Khorvaire. Elves of the Valaes Tairn are taught to ride in the saddle almost as soon as they can walk, and have trained since childhood with a variety of weapons suited to mounted combat.

Valenar elves may replace the standard benefits of Elf Weapon Training with the following set of weapon proficiencies: Scimitar, Spear, Lance, Shortbow.

  • Special Bond Option: Marshal-in-Training (Human, Deneith)
    Human characters may choose to take the bond option “Marshal-in-Training” to denote that your character is an heir of House Deneith that has been put forward as a worthy candidate for training as a Sentinel Marshal.

As an additional note, if you choose this bond, you may also choose to be apprenticed either to Miranda d’Deneith, one of the Marshals’ foremost field agents and warriors, or to the cunning Aramak d’Deneith, one of the order’s premier spymasters and investigators.


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