This War of Mine

Striking from Shadows

Before the party could interrogate the Glassstaff changeling, it managed to escape. The Marshals follow the trail up to Cragmaw Castle, a goblin keep at the edge of the Darguuni border. After a spirited battle, the adventurers manage to defeat the bugbear warlord “King” Klarg, as well as free the dwarf Nundro Rockseeker of Clan Kolkarun. Nundro reveals the location of Wave Echo Cave to the Marshals, where he believes The Scorpion is hiding.

Trouble in Phandalin

Having defeated the bugbear warchief Klarg and his blankshield goblin raiders, the Marshals arrive in Phandalin town, only to find it under the control of a ragtag militia known as the Redbrands under the command of a Commander Glassstaff. The town is on edge and paranoid, with the citizens fearful of goblin attack, and under the thumb of the Redbrand militia.

After rescuing a hobgoblin merchant by the name of Avalya ir’Dulak, the Marshals discover that the Redbrands were being manipulated by a changeling who had murdered the original Glasstaff.

The Triboar Trail
Goblins, wolves, and bugbears.

En route to the town of Phandalin, the Marshals stumble into a goblin ambush. Tracking down the attackers, they manage to rescue Aramak d’Deneith and shut down part of the goblin raider forces blockading the town. Along the way, they find disturbing evidence that the goblins may not be an isolated force. Also found in the raider caves is a stash of supplies stolen from the Lionshield Coster, a shipping company.

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