This War of Mine

It’s been four years since Cyre was destroyed in the Day of Mourning. It’s been two years since the Treaty of Thronehold ended the Last War. The people of Khorvaire, once united under the glorious reign of the Kingdom of Galifar are only now beginning to pick up the pieces and rebuild their shattered world.

But there’s always unfinished business. Old grudges. Unsolved crimes. Doomsday weapons and war machines gone wild. Psychopaths who fed on chaos. War criminals who committed inhuman atrocities. The collected refuse of a century of shame.

They think they can slink away into the darkness and be forgotten. They think they can hide behind the Treaty of Thronehold and plot the Next War in peace and safety.

It’s your job to prove them wrong, Sentinel Marshals. Good hunting.

This War of Mine

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