Avalya ir'Dulak

A cunning hobgoblin merchant bearing the name of a Cyran noble lineage


A tall, dusky-skinned hobgoblin woman, Avalya ir’Dulak is almost always immaculately dressed in the manner of a fashionable merchant or minor noble, with five glittering copper rings on each hand. That said, her muscular frame and the broadsword she always wears at her side serve to remind others of her martial heritage.

Those who have dealt with Avalya ir’Dulak invariably note her easygoing manner, her willingness to be helpful and to share profits, though they do note that there’s something almost predatory in her grin when she discusses her latest business venture.


Avalya ir’Dulak is many things and is always careful to present the most useful face for the occasion. As hobgoblin of Darguun, she commands the respect and loyalty of her goblinoid compatriots and her slaves. As a ‘noble’ of the extinct ir’Dulak lineage, she owns property and titles in both Breland and the defunct state of Cyre. As a merchant, she heads the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange, providing a stable and neutral trading hall for Phandalin’s miners (all for a small cut in the profits).

With the death of Commander Glassstaff, Avalya is playing her cards carefully, earning the trust of Phandalin’s miners through the Mining Exchange, and the townsfolk by funding repairs and the reconstruction of the Town Hall.

Avalya ir'Dulak

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